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The Tungulækur river is one of Iceland´s best Sea Trout Rivers. The river runs through stunning lava fields on the south coast some 300 km. from Reykjavik.

There are two seasons on Tungulækur. Spring season starts on April first and the river is fished until end of May. The fall season starts on September first and ends on October twentieth.


Tungulækur is fished with 3 rods which are sold together, typically for 2-3 days. Single handed rods are best, line weight 6-8.

The river is fly only and the fly selection is Trout selection, streamers and nymphs.

TUNgulækur lodge.

Currently there is no lodge at Tungulækur. Preparation is underway to build a new lodge on the riverbank and open it in the fall of 2019.