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Hofsá in Vopnafjörður


The Hofsá river is by many anglers described as the perfect fly water. The river offers close to 30 km of fly water.

The season is from late June until late September and every part of it has is own charm.

hofsá river

Hofsá has 7 beats and 7 rods. You fish your beat for one session and then you rotate between beats. You can fish most of the pools with a single handed rod but you might want to bring a light weight double handed rod as well. The river is clear and it´s a pure joy to fish it with floating lines and small flies.

hofsá lodge

The lodge is located on the riverbank on beat 5 on lower part of the river. Every rod has a double bedroom with en suite bathroom. There is a nice living room with a fire place and next to it there is a dining room with a great view of the river and the Hofsá valley. The chef and the staff serve nice breakfast as well as nice lunch and gourmet dinner.


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