Strengur Angling Club

Strengur Angling Club manages two of the most exclusive salmon rivers in Iceland, the Hofsá and the Selá rivers in Vopnafjörður on the East Coast of Iceland.

Strengur Angling Club has been managing the Selá river from the 1960s. Few years back Strengur also took over the management of the Hofsá river.

Recently Strengur also added the Miðfjarðará river in Bakkafjörður, Sunnudalsá river in Vopnafjörður and Tungulækur Sea Trout river on the South Coast of Iceland.

The Six Rivers Conservation Project builds on the decades of conservation work and emphasis already set by the Strengur Angling Club.




Please send us an email if you want to enquire about availability on Strengur rivers or if you need any information.



But perhaps my most special memories are reserved for the Hofsa river in Iceland”
— HRH, Prince Charles, in "Celebration of Salmon Rivers.
It is impossible to describe the wonders of fishing the Selá, an astounding beautiful river. The fish, fresh from sea, are strong fighters and remarkably beautiful. My whole experience in Iceland was very special and a real joy.
— George H. W. Bush


message from strengur

Strengur Angling Club puts the Atlantic Salmon in first place. We want to do everything in our power to make sure that future generations will be able to fly fish for Salmon. In order to do so we put nature in first place. 

On our rivers we practice catch and release .

We wish you a fantastic time at our rivers.


Jóhannes Kristinsson

Chairman of Strengur Angling Club


Gísli Ásgeirsson

Director of Strengur Angling Club